How to Clean a Super Dusty Room

Your bedroom is so dusty and you are overwhelmed and don?t know what to do about it, it?s disgusting, annoying, and puts you down to be in such a room and it might even evoke your allergies and cause you health trouble. So here?s the solution to this problem, in a few simple steps I am going to show you how to clean a super dusty room and turn it into a bright clean room that stimulates positive energy in the room.

Before we get started let?s review some basics, what is dust actually and where does it come from?

What is Dust

Dust in human-occupied environments is a mixture of dead skin cells, pet dander, pollen, textile fibers, and paper fibers. It?s a combination of all of these components and the major component in it is dead skin cells.

Where Does Dust Come From in a Closed Room

Based on the definition we have just stated dust isn?t mainly composed of outside components, it is actually dead skin cells and some other components, so you don?t need to open the doors and windows so dust can occupy it all what you need is to just stay in the room and your dead skin cells are going to form the majority of the dust in that room.

How to Clean a Super Dusty Room

Just like cleaning a normal room, the dusting method isn?t going to differ that much. The only difference that made your bedroom so dusty is that you?ve probably didn?t clean it for a long period of time so the dust has accumulated in every place in the room which will require you more effort to clean it.

What you will need to do to clean a super dusty room is the following:

You are going to need to work from top to bottom, clean the ceiling and the ceiling fan first using an extension duster so that the dust that is going to fall from the top gets picked up when you clean the bottom, this way you are going to clean the bottom once instead of getting the floor dirty again after cleaning it first then cleaning the top.

Use a wet cloth to clean surfaces and furniture, and it would be recommended to use a microfiber when that is dampened with water or a cleaning spray, this is the best dusting method to use because it captures all the dust on the surface instead of just removing it from one place to the other.

Finally, clean the ground with a vacuum cleaner to collect all the dust that has accumulated over the carpets and the floor, this is the last step where you will collect all the dust that has fallen from the top ceiling and from the furniture and the dust that has already been on the ground.

To maintain your room clean from dust you are going to need to clean the room weekly, this way dust won?t accumulate in your room and you are going to keep your tidy and clean and free of allergies and health risks.

You should also use a good doormat because it is going to help you reduce the amount of dust coming from outside that has stuck on your shoes, a doormat is going to get rid of most of that dust and that is going to reduce the amount of dust in your room in total.

You might also want to buy an air purifier which is going to clean the air inside your room out of dust particles so there?s no dust floating in the air of the bedroom, an air purifier is going to ensure that the air in your room is clean and free of dust and that is going to relieve your worries if you have allergies.

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