How to Dust Under Furniture

You already don?t like dusting and cleaning, and now there are hard places to reach that make you put more effort than you should in the process. This will probably make you wonder how to dust under furniture because there must be a right way to do it. You might be already moving furniture to clean underneath it and you are looking for a smarter way to save you time and effort and have the same efficiency and accomplish the same result as the method you are using right now.

How to Dust Under Furniture

You have two solution strategies that work very well for dusting under furniture without moving it, you could use an extension duster with a bendable removable head, or you could use a ?hoseless? vacuum cleaner, that is a vacuum cleaner combined with a leaf blower.

With an extension duster, you are going to use it to swipe under the furniture and collect all the dust under your couch or sofa, a 100 – 120 bending degree will probably work best for you but you could try other ones if you like.

The other strategy is to use the hoseless vacuum cleaner, it will pull all the dust under your furniture and it will be as efficient and bring the same results as if you have moved the furniture.

These are the strategies for how to dust under furniture without moving it, it will be perfect for you if your furniture is heavy or if you just don?t want to move it because it takes extra effort.

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