How To Focus On Studying When Depressed

Deadlines do not care about how do we feel …

That’s the cold & harsh truth that we need to go through.

Exams won’t wait for your mood and psychological state to be ok in order for it to start.

Deadlines don’t care.

So how to get through this period successfully, that’s our topic in this article

How to focus on studying while depressed.

Estimating the situation

The first step in your studying journey is to estimate what the situation is? how does it look like? is it a finals exam? mid-term? or you are just studying for the sake of it? Do you fully understand the curriculum or are there some gapes that need to be filled?

Estimating the situation is an important step to building an appropriate plan that you can execute.

Having things organized will help you overcome the distraction that depression makes, depression will tend to drag you into negative thoughts and negative memories, so the way to face it is through being organized and being prepared, that way you aren’t lost in the distraction of your thoughts.

Building a plan

Planning for your study is the most critical part of this process, based on the inputs from the estimation stage you should start building your plan.

In the planning stage, it’s all theory, you can overestimate your studying capabilities or underestimate topics and chapters that you haven’t studied yet.

Overestimating your capabilities or underestimating study material can totally sink your ship, so it’s important to be realistic as possible when planning and leave some room for mistakes.


After you’ve done your job in the estimation and planning stages, this part becomes easy mentally, you don’t have to do so much thinking, you are laser-focused on implementing your plan and there is no room for random thoughts to hijack your imagination.

Implementing is all about focusing, when you are focused on your goals it’s hard for your brain to go on auto-pilot mode and start dwelling on negative thoughts, no, you are in control and you are focused on implementing your plan.

Even if your brain started to spiral, you know how to stop it and you have an idea on where to bring it back into.

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