How To Help Someone With Anxiety Or Depression

Anxiety and depression are debilitating, they give you a gray view of life and everything becomes different degrees of gray.

So many people have been diagnosed with anxiety, depression, or both in this modern age, but it doesn’t only affect the patient, mental illness surely affects people close to the patient.

Depression and anxiety make your regular daily tasks so heavy on your chest and make you feel like lifting a huge rock.

That?s how a depressed person would feel, but what about other points of view, what about friends and family, how can they help and what should they do to help an anxious or depressed person, that?s what I am going to discuss in this article.

Understand What They?re Going Through

The first step to helping one who?s suffering from mental illness is to understand what they?re going through, this would help you emphasize with them and engage with them in a better way.

When people try to help blindly without understanding the case they might make things harder on the patient.

Understanding gives you a chance to better connect with the depressed or anxious person, it allows you to see the world from their point of view and that?s truly critical in order to be able to help them.

One of the main reasons people get depressed is that there?s no one out there that understands them so they start feeling lonely and isolated. So when they see that you have put the effort to better understand them and emphasize they would truly appreciate that even if they don?t show their appreciation.

Be There When They Need You

depression and anxiety leave patients feeling lonely and isolated, and they become trapped in the negative cycle of toxic thoughts and self-talk.

When they look around for help and they find you, a genuine friend that they can rely on, you become their hope, the sunray after the dark clouds.

Instead, if you and nobody else is close to the depressed person when he is seeking help, there’s no sunray, it’s only cloudy weather, the dark thoughts keep pouring in and the depressed person is drowning in more and more in the sea of dark thoughts that can destroy him.

by being there when he needs you you form a defense line against the negative thoughts that are attacking him, and when there’s nobody here in the defense line the attack of the negative thoughts becomes more tense and matters go from bad to worse.


Listen To What They Have To Say

Depressed people are pretty smart in general, they can tell you exactly what their problem is, your role is to help them find a solution or help them go through a solution.

That’s why listenning is important, listenning is the way to connect with depressed person, understanding there point of view, and seeing the world by their lense.

When you listen you are delivering to the depressed person a massage that I care, I want to help.

Offer As Much Help As You Can

Offering help comes the last after understanding what they’re going through and hearing what do they want to say, now the help can truly be helpful.

For depressed people help will majorly consist of speaking and having conversations with the patient about why is he depressed, what have got him here, and how to get out of that hole of depression.

It might also consist of some sort of activities like travelling, shopping, or any other sort of activity that the patient prefers.

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