How To Keep Anxiety From Ruining Your Relationship

We hate being alone …

As human beings, we tend to gravitate towards social gathering and connecting with other people.

The Ultimate form of connecting with others is marriage, you are formally connected with someone for a huge portion of your life.

Your significant other has a huge impact on you, and you have a huge impact on them, no matter how strong and independent you both are.

Your significant other is your partner through the journey of life.

having an encouraging spouse can help you achieve 10x your goals, and having a discouraging spouse can worsen your performance 10x.

That’s the true power of marriage.

In order for any relationship to succeed both parties involved in the relationship must be committed to making it a successful relationship.

And one of the things that might destroy any relationship is doubt and worry, if any of the parties involved is has doubt toward his fellow then the relationship becomes at huge risk of failure.

Why Marriage Is So Important To Us

the need to connect with people

Deep down inside all of us, we hate to stay alone. We are social creatures, even the introverts, that loves to connect with people and have conversations or even stay silent but with other people, we hate feeling lonely.

Marriage fulfills this need, the need to connect with other people, it connects you with supposedly your soul mate, the one that your soul gravitates toward, and then if you have kids you get more people to connect with on a different level.

the ability to amplify or minify your efforts and goals.

This friend whom you have married is going to stick with you for the greatest amount of time, so if he/she is helpful and encouraging your efforts may skyrocket 10x, and if he/she is mean or discouraging you might face roadblocks more than you should face if you were alone.

That’s the power of the soul mate.

How anxiety can affect the relationship

Any kind of relationship built between any two human beings is built on one thing: Trust.

If there’s no trust between both parties dealing together it’s going to be hard for any kind of transaction to happen, transactions are not only limited to money transactions, love is a transaction, care is a transaction, everything that happens within a family is considered a transaction, and all of this is built on trust.

Anxiety affects this trust, so it affects the whole building of the family, anxiety alone can destroy a whole family if it rises to a certain level.

How to keep anxiety from ruining the relationship

The first thing is to evaluate the situation, is this anxiety based on evidence or not? and how strong is this evidence? based on the answer of those two questions you shall act.

If it is not based on any evidence but you’re still anxious then you have to figure out what is the source of anxiety? is it the fear of losing your loved one that’s making you anxious?

If yes then you have to change your behavior because the fear of losing your loved one is making you lose your loved one.

Never let your anxiety in the driver’s wheel because it’s going to wreck lots of your ships. If there’s no clear reason for why you’re anxious or worried and it’s just an idea in your head, then the way to deal with it is to not let be in the driver’s seat and let logic be in control.

But what if there is evidence?

If there’s evidence we need to handle it carefully because it might be false evidence and then we are destroying a relationship that should continue.

The thing you need to do is to test your evidence, look for ways that make this evidence false evidence, make the option of this evidence being true evidence the last option, test all the possibilities that make this a false evidence.

Why insisting so much on finding mistakes in our evidence?

Because the marriage relationship is one of the most important things you could have, if both parties are sincere, and destroying it is going to be hard and it’s going to impact many lives, especially if you have kids.

So by being patient, everything is going to get resolved in a proper way.

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