How to Make Latte with Espresso Machine

You know when you are touring in a different country and you are really enjoying your time you want to buy a souvenir that reminds you of that great journey? Or when you are at the beach having a great day and you start looking for a beautiful seashell to take it home with you?

How to Make Latte with Espresso Machine

It’s part of human nature that we like to obtain the beautiful things that we meet in our journey, the real-world examples of this truth are endless, the roses we cut from the gardens, the pearls we extract from the depth of the sea, the gold that we mine from the hard rocks of the mountain, and the lattes that we drink at our favorite cafe.

The taste of the latte at the coffee shop leaves you speechless, you don’t just drink it for the caffeine and getting energized, you drink it for the flavor, for the taste, for the moment that you want to enjoy.

And that is something that deserves to be replicated, you want this joy to be at your disposal so that you can enjoy it at any moment of the day without having to go to the coffee shop, and that’s why I am writing this article.

By the time you finish reading this article, you will know how to make a latte with an espresso machine, a skill that’s going to stay with you forever, which is something I am glad to offer.

What is a Latte

A latte is an espresso-based drink and it is one of the milk drinks of espresso. It basically consists of two components, espresso, and milk.

To prepare a latte you are going to need one single or double shot of espresso and ⅔ of milk of the size of the cup.

The typical size of the latte drink is 240 ml or 8 oz. And it is a simple drink to prepare if you have the right components.

All you need to prepare a latte is dark roast coffee beans, grinder, espresso machine, milk, water, a pitcher, and your favorite mug.

The three general steps for preparing a latte are preheating the cup, pulling a single or a double shot of espresso, frothing the milk, and pouring it into the cup.

How to Make Latte with Espresso Machine

Here are the steps to make a latte with an espresso machine:

  1. Grind the coffee to a fine grind
  2. Tap the coffee grounds in the portafilter
  3. Attach the portafilter to the espresso machine
  4. Preheat the cup using the heater in the espresso machine or by pouring hot water into the cup and leaving it for a minute.
  5. Place the cup under the portafilter
  6. Pull the espresso shot into the cup
  7. Pour milk into the pitcher, ⅔ of the size of the cup which means 160 ml or 5.3 oz
  8. Place the steam wand just under the surface of the milk
  9. After 10 – 30 seconds or so place the steam wand deeper into the milk to distribute the air through the milk so it’s smooth
  10. Wipe the steam wand after you’re finished
  11. Pour the milk into the cup and enjoy your latte

How to Make an Iced Latte with Espresso Machine

If you prefer the iced version of Latte the steps are actually easier to make it. Iced latte is simply milk mixed into espresso with ice in the glass. For iced latte, you won’t need to froth the milk because hot milk can cause the ice to melt.

The steps are exactly the same except you won’t steam the milk, all your going to have to do is pull the espresso shot, leave it cool down for a while, pour it into a cup full of ice, add the milk and enjoy your drink.

It’s a very simple and easy process and it will save you time instead of going to the coffee shop and waiting for it to be prepared.


It’s not a complicated process to prepare a delicious cup of latte. All you have to do is simply heat your cup, pull a single or double shot of espresso, and froth the milk, and add it to the cup. And then all you have to do is to enjoy your latte.

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