How to Remove Oil Stains from Bed Sheets

Your brand new bed sheets that you love is ruined by a big oil stain that?s making you frustrated and disgusted.

It?s not just your story, many people suffer from this exact problem because their body produces an excess amount of sebum, the oily substance that your body produces, that ultimately pile up on your bed sheets and pillowcases to form the oil stains that are ruining your night.

But we are here for you?

Although oil stains can be stubborn and hard to remove, they can be cleaned out. And restoring your bed sheets’ original state is an achievable mission.

In this article I will guide through the process you will have to go through for removing oil stains from bed sheets, so let?s get started.

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How to Remove Oil Stains from Bed Sheets

When it comes to the actual process and routine of removing oil stains from bed sheets there are many options to choose from, I have picked up a simple and easy to follow routine from the one good thing by jillee that will efficiently do the job and there is no much hustle on your side.

The process is simple, you will have to:

  1. ?First, wash your bed sheets normally,
  2. ?then soak them overnight,
  3. ?drain and wash again,
  4. ?and finally dry.

The main elements you will need to accomplish this task are: grease-cutting ingredients, hot water, and time.

It is simple process but it is an effective one. There are some details to go through in this process so let?s expand on that.

The first thing you will have to do is to wash your bed sheets normally, the goal of this step is to get your bed sheets prepared and ready for removing the oil stains, after all, dirt can make it harder for you to remove the oil stain that you are targeting, so attacking the easy to remove dirt first is the right thing to do.

Second, you will want to soak your bed sheets overnight, in this step you will want to fill your machine (or bathtub) with extra hot water and add the following ingredients:

  • A standard dose of your favorite laundry detergent
  • 1 tablespoon of Dawn dish soap
  • 1/4 cup of washing soda

The next day you will want to drain the dirty water and wash again the bed sheets in your washing machine, avoid using fabric softeners and instead use half a cup of white vinegar to make sure your sheets remain residue-free.

Finally you will want to dry your bed sheets, if you can line-dry your bed sheets that would be perfect because the sun has extra power in killing bacteria and brightening your fabrics so that would benefit your bed sheets a lot.

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