Memory Foam : An Overview

Memory foam is everywhere in our pillows and mattresses. So we need to take a deeper look into what is memory foam actually and why is it widely used in pillows and mattresses and does it have any other usages ? and more importantly, does it have any negative impact on our health ?

in this article we are going to reveal every thing you need to know about memory foam and we will answer the most common questions on this issue.

What Is Memory Foam ?

Memory foam is a special kind of foam that was developed by NASA at 1960 for one of NASA’s goals and equipments. It was revealed to the public in the 80’s and the first company that started selling memory foam was called Tempur World based on Wikipedia :

When NASA released memory foam to the public domain in the early 1980s, Fagerdala World Foams was one of the few companies willing to work with the foam, as the manufacturing process remained difficult and unreliable. Their 1991 product, the “Tempur-Pedic Swedish Mattress” eventually led to the mattress and cushion company, Tempur World.

The most important properties of memory foam

there are properties that are most important for the end user which affects the foam performance, which are :

  • Comfort : the feeling of the foam
  • Support : the ability of the foam to properly cushion an object or a person
  • Durability : the ability of the foam to hold up through usage

these three properties are determined by a various factors in the manufacturing process, and that’s what differentiate one foam brand from another and this also what determines the foam usage.

Foam uses :

foam is not only used in bedding, it’s also used in furniture, packaging, automotive seating, and used for isolation.

so the properties of the foam differ through the domain in which foam is used, for example the packaging foam doesn’t need to have a great level of comfort but needs to provide good support. Also the foam used for bedding needs to provide great comfort and durability.

So the manufacturer controls and tests the properties of the foam to properly suit the application.

Foam Components :

foam is made of two key ingredients which are : polyol and isocyanate. These two ingredients are mixed together with other chemicals and additives to produce the foam that suits the application that the foam is manufactured for.

Can Memory Foam Damage My Health ?

Yes it can.

It depends on the manufacturer, if the manufacturer is low quality it can damage your health because of the chemicals involved in the manufacturing process.

It can do damage, if not manufactured well, in a plenty of ways, it can burn or emit toxic gases.

There are certificates like CertiPur-US that exist to solve this problem, they’re like a health check-up for foam used in bedding, the check for a variety of components and properties of the foam to make sure it’s safe to use for the consumers.



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