Mommesilk Mulberry Silk Pillowcase Review

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Mommesilk is a company that offers high quality silk products, today we are going to review the Mommesilk mulberry silk pillowcase and we are going to talk about the following :

  • The quality of the silk (measured by the momme weight and thread count)
  • The design of the pillowcase
  • Variants of the pillowcase
  • Washing instructions
  • Customer Opinions
  • Cons of the pillowcase

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Explaining Silk Pillowcases Quality

The quality of the silk pillowcases is primarily measured by two factors :

  • The momme weight
  • Thread count

Momme weight is the weight in pounds of 100 yards of silk 45 inches wide, this basically measures the amount of silk used in the fabric.

So the more the momme weight the more silk you have in your pillowcase, more silk makes the pillowcase feel more luxurious and become more durable, but high momme weight also means the cost of the pillowcase is higher and the pillowcase is warmer because you have got more silk in your pillowcase though silk is generally very breathable.

Thread count is the number of threads woven together in a square inch of fabric. Thread counts serve as a measure for the customer the fineness and the softness of the threads in fabric, the higher the thread count the finer the threads.

Though thread counts can be manipulated by a number of ways it still gives a good indication of the softness and fineness of the pillowcases.

The Quality of Mommesilk Mulberry Silk Pillowcase

First of all, the silk in the pillowcase is mulberry silk, which is the best type of silk you can get.

The Momme weight for the Mommesilk pillowcase is 19 momme, this is the average momme weight for most of the silk pillowcases in the market. 19 momme falls in the middle between durability,? long life time of the pillowcase and the softness of the pillowcase.

Thread counts in the Mommesilk pillowcase is 400, which falls in the appropriate range for silk pillowcases which is considered of good quality for your pillowcase.

The silk in the Mommesilk pillowcase is 100% natural and free of chemicals which adds to the quality that Mommesilk offers for the customers so they can enjoy sleeping on a chemical free silk pillowcase that they love and are happy with.

Design of Mommesilk Pillowcase

The Mommesilk pillowcase has a hidden zipper design which is a stylish design to have for your pillowcase and it also prevents slipping of the pillow from the pillowcase so you don’t end up sleeping on a bare pillow in the middle of the night.

Invisible zippers are stylish to have on your pillowcase so they don’t ruin the look of your silk pillowcase with silly zippers, so it’s all hidden and invisible so you don’t notice the zipper but it’s still there so it does the required function of preventing the pillowcase from slipping.

Also the pillowcase has silk on both sides so it can last longer with you and you can enjoy sleeping on both sides of your pillow.

Variants of The Pillowcase

Mommesilk offers 4 size variants for it’s pillowcase which are :

  • Standard size : 20 x 26 inch (50 cm x 65 cm) , fits most standard sized pillows.
  • Queen size : 20x 30 inch (50 cm x 75 cm) , fits most queen sized pillows.
  • King size : 20 x 36 inch (50 cm x 90 cm) , fits most king sized pillows.
  • Toddler size : 13×18 inch (33cmx46cm), fits most toddler pillows.

And it offers two color variants which are white and Ivory, you can check them out on amazon from here.

Washing Tips

When you are washing the Mommesilk pillowcase you can hand wash the pillowcase or machine wash it on gentle cycle.

If you have a dark-colored silk pillowcase you should not soak it for more than three minutes so the color does not pale.

You should hang dry the pillowcase and not use traditional dryers so the pillowcase does not get damaged, and if you want to iron pillowcase use cool ironing.

Do not bleach your pillowcase and wash the silk pillowcase separately from other items.

Customer Opinions About the Pillowcase

The Mommesilk pillowcase has 421 customer reviews on amazon at the time of writing this post with 71% five star rating and overall average rating of 4.3/5 stars.

The customers loved how the Mommesilk pillowcase was able to help them through their hair and face care, the softness and the quality of the pillowcase material has helped the customers with their acne problems so they have healthier skin and with their hair problems so they have smoother and softer hair with less frizziness in the mornings and through out the day.

Cons of The Pillowcase

Nothing is perfect in this world, and th Mommesilk pillowcase is no exception.

The silk pillowcase has a wrong sizing issue, it seems that the sizes are smaller than what they should be, so if you want to solve that you can make sure that the dimensions of the pillowcase and your pillow match, this pillowcase is best for thin pillows so if you have a thick pillow you might need a larger size or another pillowcase.

While many of the customers didn’t have any problems when they washed the pillowcase a few customers have reported that their pillowcase was ruined after they’ve washed it, so make sure you are following the washing instructions carefully so the pillowcase can last long with you.


The Mommesilk mulberry silk pillowcase is a great pillowcase to have, it has a natural high quality mulberry silk with 400 thread counts and 19 momme weight. It also has a hidden zipper design to prevent the pillowcase from slipping while you are sleeping and? it has silk on both sides so you can enjoy sleeping on both sides of your pillow.

Take care when you are washing the pillowcase to follow the instructions properly so the pillowcase lasts long with you and be sure to purchase the right size that fits your pillow.

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