The Top 5 Best Pillows For Upper Back And Neck Pain

Anyone who suffers from pain in the neck and upper back knows just how hard it is to get comfy in bed after a long day.

The Top 5 Best Pillows For Upper Back And Neck Pain

Tossing and turning, you may not be able to find a perfect sleeping position that supports both your upper back and neck in a pain-free way.

Your sleeping position and the support that your pillow provides your neck and upper body can have a huge impact on any pain that you may be experiencing.

It could be that a change in the pillow you’re using is exactly what you need to cure yourself of this annoying and uncomfortable pain.

When looking for a new pillow to buy, you can’t just choose any, especially if you have neck and back pain, as this could make the situation even worse.

You need to find a pillow that has been designed to target and solve these issues by providing your body with the exact amount of support that it needs.

If you are experiencing chronic upper back and neck pain from uncomfortable and sleepless nights, then try out some of these pillows below to see if you see any improvements.

If you have never bought a pillow specifically designed to support upper back or neck pain before, then check out our buyer’s guide at the end of this article to see what features you need to look out for when buying these products.

Let’s get on with the list!

Side Sleeper Contour Pillow

If you are experiencing upper body pain and discomfort, selecting the appropriate pillow to sleep on nightly will greatly lessen it.

Choosing the wrong option, however, might make the situation even more uncomfortable.

This pillow by Bluestone is tailored to the side sleepers among us.

Though many people find sleeping on their side to be the most comfortable, it’s a position that can not support our body weight correctly and can be a cause of your pain.

Thanks to the unique U-shaped form of this pillow, it keeps your body in a posture that is perfectly aligned for your neck, shoulders, and back during the entire night.

Now even the most stubborn side sleepers can get a pain-free night’s rest.

Because it comes in a convenient carry-on size, you can also take it with you on trips, whether you’re flying or driving.

Finally, you will be able to have a pain-free vacation.

Many customers have expressed their satisfaction with this product, stating that it lives up to its claims and that they have experienced fewer painful nights thanks to using this pillow.

If you are someone who tends to sleep on their side and are looking for relief from the discomfort you experience during those hours, the Sidle Sleeper Contour Pillow could be the answer for you.

Memory Foam Cervical Contour Pillow

This memory foam pillow from Dream has a unique butterfly wing shape that is ergonomically designed for the relief of neck pain.

Because of the product’s innovative design, it is comfortable to use whether you sleep on your stomach, side, or back, meaning that it’s perfect for just about anyone!

This pillow is also made from an amazing material that allows breathable airflow so that it stays cleaner for longer periods.

Customers are generally pleased with the product, and many have said that since sleeping on this pillow nightly their neck pain has all but vanished.

If for some reason you are not happy with this amazing product, then you can make use of the 30-day money-back guarantee to make some money back.

But given how well-loved this pillow is, we doubt this will happen!

Bed Wedge Pillow

The bed wedge pillow from Cushy Form gives you support for your head, neck, and shoulders while also elevating your upper body.

This helps to improve your posture and relieves muscle tension, allowing you to get a restful night’s sleep.

If you have issues with snoring, this pillow can help since it alters your body posture, making it easier for air to enter and exit your lungs without obstruction.

While your snoring may not bother you, we’re sure your partner will love the silence once your snoring tops!

Reading or watching tv in bed before you fall asleep is common nowadays, but sitting up at an odd angle is also a cause of neck and back pain.

By using these pillows to keep you propped up, you are taking tension off of these areas, which will lessen your discomfort.

Customers have reported that this product was useful in alleviating their neck and back discomfort, so give it a shot if you suffer from this kind of chronic pain.

Because this product offers a money-back guarantee, you won’t lose any of your hard-earned cash if you decide that you don’t want to keep using it.

Saatva Latex Pillow

Because of its adjustable design, the Saatva Latex Pillow is a hit with both the stomach sleepers and the side sleepers.

You have the option of either using the inner cushion along with the core or only the inner pillow by itself.

People who stomach sleep and like flatter models like using the inside pillow, which has a loft of 2 inches and feels softer than the outer pillow.

It’s recommended that you use both pillows if you sleep on your side.

This arrangement features an 8-inch loft that works to maintain the head and neck in alignment with other parts of the spine when the side sleeper is lying down.

This pillow can keep its complete shape thanks to the large gusset that is included.

Because of this function, you shouldn’t have to fluff it as frequently as you normally would.

Because latex and cotton are both naturally permeable materials, the inside components of the pillow did not retain an excessive amount of heat from our bodies, and as a result, the pillow is cooler than normal pillows.

The core is made up of shredded Talalay latex, which has a feel that is supple and responsive.

The inside pillow is cushioned with down-alternative microdenier fiber, which increases the plushness of the pillow without sacrificing support.

The outside cover is constructed out of organic cotton, which is breathable.

Both the cover and the microdenier pillow can be cleaned at home in the washing machine, which is convenient.

There is a choice between the queen and king sizes, and you have the option of paying an additional fee to have two pillowcases made of sateen as part of your purchase.

The pillow comes with a sleep trial that lasts for 45 nights and a warranty that lasts for one year.

Original Groove Pillow

While other pillows that efficiently relieve neck pain can be pricey, the Original Groove Pillow manages to be inexpensive without compromising the product’s quality or its ability to alleviate neck discomfort.

If you wake up with stiffness or pain in your neck, the ergonomic design will be very beneficial to you.

Sleepers can very comfortably lay on their back or side when using this 4.5-inch-tall cushion thanks to its comfort and support.

Your head and neck should not sink in too much because of the ergonomic design and the firmness of the cushion’s strong foam core.

While foam pillows are usually very hot because foam is excellent at absorbing and retaining heat, the breathable scuba-knit cover will keep you cool all night.

The core of the cushion is made up of solid memory foam that has bamboo charcoal mixed into it to also prevent it from retaining it.

This pillow has been ergonomically designed to elevate the neck and cradle the head to help ease discomfort.

A loft level of 4.5 inches, which is in the middle of the spectrum, should be pleasant for people who sleep on their sides or backs.

The pillow, which weighs around 2 pounds, is extremely lightweight and simple to reposition in the course of the night. One size is available.

To wash the pillow, simply remove the cover and clean it in the washing machine.

After washing the cover with whites, allow it to dry naturally or put it in the dryer.

The Groove sleep trial lasts for a total of 100 nights, during which time you have the option to send back the pillow if it doesn’t live up to your standards.

The Best Pillows For Upper Back And Neck Pain Buyers Guide

When looking for a pillow to help you with your upper back and neck pain, you can’t just get anyone.

Here are some things to look out for in your pillows if you want to have the best support while you sleep.

The Loft

The angle at which your head is positioned in relation to your spine is determined by the loft of the pillow.

A pillow that is either too high or too low might cause your neck to be forced into an uncomfortable position, which can lead to muscle tension and discomfort over time.

Because of this, people who specialize in the study of sleep advocate choosing a pillow that has a loft that will keep your head, neck, and spine in proper alignment.

Remember to take into account both the width of your shoulders and the size of your head when selecting a cushion to fit your needs.

You should consider purchasing a pillow that has an adjustable loft if you are unsure of the height of the loft that is best for you.

The Firmness

The level of firmness of your pillow will decide where your head will come to rest, so this is a very important feature to consider.

The ideal level of firmness for your pillow will be determined by the weight of your head, the height of the pillow, the position in which you typically sleep, as well as how firm your mattress is.

Pillows that are too firm can result in pressure points, such as those that might develop in the ears when lying on your side.

If you choose an overly soft pillow, it may collapse beneath your head and fail to provide the necessary support.

The Support

A pillow should offer suitable support for both your head and your neck in addition to being at the appropriate height under your head.

This characteristic is most frequently found in cervical pillows, which typically have raised edges and gradually contour to the neck rather than leaving a void where the neck is not supported.

This design is particularly helpful for people who sleep on their sides or backs.

The Shape

Modern manufacturers offer a wide variety of ergonomic pillows, which give greater support by conforming to the shape of the user’s head and neck.

In addition to the primary pillow, some people like to use a smaller pillow or roll to place under their chin or behind their neck.

This is one of the more common pillow configurations.

If you are having trouble finding relief from the pain in your neck or upper back, one possible answer is to try using a cervical pillow.

This particular style of pillow is intended to provide excellent cervical support, which, among other benefits, helps alleviate pain in the neck and makes it easier to get a good night’s rest.

Pressure Relief

A quality pillow can provide relief from pressure by relieving strain on your neck and by contouring to reduce pressure points.

You should select a pillow that has the perfect form and size for your sleeping posture, as well as a suitable hardness to reduce pressure at contact points.

Materials Used In Construction

Even within broad categories such as memory foam or feather pillows, the material quality of your specific pillow influences how long it will last and how comfortable it will be.

Some types of pillows can be machine cleaned and dried to restore their loft and extend their useful life, but you will have to check the label of your specific pillow to see how to wash it correctly.

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