How To Overcome Anxiety And Fear Of Being Alone

Lonilness contain weakness, and with us aging and our kids growing away from us to pursue their own lives and their own goals it becomes clearer and clearer that lonilness means weakness.

with our hair becoming grey our bodies get tired and when we get tired we need to rest but life doesn’t care about our excuses, if there’s no one to do what needs to be done (daily chores, medications, fixing devices, …,etc) life won’t care what your excuse is, nothing going to happen.

Being lonely in this big universe truly feels scary, and in this? article we are going to discuss ways to overcome the fear of you being lonly or being left behind.

How To Overcome The Fear Of Being Alone:

Embracing The Fact That Life Is Temporary

If you want to really overcome the of being alone you need to stop trying overcoming it and start embracing the fact that everything in this life is temporary, including you.

Airports are mini prototypes of life, life is just like an airport, eveyone wants to catch their planes, that’s the main and most important priorty, then comes the rest of them. Life is exactly just that, everyone is chasing their goals, then comes the rest of the priorties.

Most of the things you loved 10 years ago aren’t there right now and you are still living, your friends 10 years ago may not be your friends til now.

Life is about constant change, and change is the only constant in this life. Either a change for the good or a change for the bad, but change is going to happen and no one can prevent that.

Building A Strong Network Of Friends

This is a technique that I do follow myself, building a strong network of friends and not sticking to afew of them.

When you have a limited number of friends that you hang out with you become socially vulnerable, in my opinion at least, because if any kind of imbalance happens to this friendship you suddenly become alone with no friends.

A great river is great because it has many tributaries, if any one of them is damaged the river itself can still survive.

Of course, maintaining a strong network of friends is harder but that’s another issue.

Having a strong network will gurantee that it is harder for you to become lonely and left behind, and even if your kids have grown up and left you you still have your friends that you can hang out with.

Being Kind

This point relates to the previous one, you can’t build a strong and healthy network of friends if you’re mean to people, you may build a strong network but you will never build a healthy one if you’re mean.

Kind does not mean weak, instead it means powerful and self reliant and doesn’t wish any harm to others or cause any.

How will this help you build a strong network? this is the basis of building a strong and healthy network because nobody want’s to connect with mean and toxic people unless they have to.

If you are kind and helpful naturally people are going to love you, but always try to keep balance so you don’t get drained and overwhelmed and stop helping people on the long run because you’ve burnt yourself out on the short run.

And even if you are kind to people you are still going to meet toxic people, this is a universal rule that’s never going to change, always will be good people and bad people, try to be on the good side of things.

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