Ravmix Mulberry Silk Pillowcase – Is It Worth It? (Full Review)

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Are you considering purchasing the Ravmix Mulberry silk pillowcase?

Maybe you are looking to buy a pillowcase but aren’t sure if it’s the right choice?

Ravmix Mulberry Silk Pillowcase - Is It Worth It? (Full Review)

Or are you curious and want to know more?

No matter what your question is, we are here with the answers for you!

Finding the right silk pillowcase can be tricky.

The market is full of silk pillowcases, all claiming to be the best.

How do you sort through these and find out the best one for you?

You can spend hours searching through different pillowcases and reviews, never finding the one you need.

Disappointed and frustrated, you wonder if you will ever find the right pillowcase for you.

Well, no more! Today we are here with the answers for you.

Keep reading for a full review of the Ravmix Mulberry silk pillowcase to see if it is the right one for you!

We have pulled together all the information so you don’t need to read another review!


Let’s begin with a brief overview of the pillowcase!

Ravmix’s Mulberry silk pillowcase is an affordable silk pillowcase that comes in various sizes and colors.

The soft and smooth surface allows your head and hair to rest gently, with less friction than cotton pillowcases!

This helps to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, hair loss, and knotted hair when you wake up!

The pillowcase is also cool to the touch, perfect for those that get a little hot at night!

Now you can enjoy a cool pillowcase that will help prevent sweating while you sleep!

It is also designed with a hidden zipper that helps to keep the pillowcase in place.

Plus, it makes it super easy for you to cover your pillow with the case!

The pillowcase comes gift-wrapped beautifully too, making it a wonderful gift option!

You get one pillowcase in the beautifully wrapped box, the perfect addition to anyone’s bed.

With a 21-momme rating, it’s a fine pillowcase for the price!

Now that we have taken a quick look at the pillowcase, let’s dive a little deeper and learn even more about it!

We will leave no stone unturned as we help you find the perfect pillowcase.

The pillowcase is designed with a hidden zipper. This is a fantastic feature, especially for a silk pillowcase!

Not only does it make it super easy to fit and secure the pillowcase, but a zipper means the pillowcase will stay on all night!

Silk can be slippery, there’s no getting away from it.

And if you move a lot while you sleep, the pillowcase could slide right off your pillow, leaving you without silk to rest your head on!

But the zipper ensures that the pillowcase stays in place, leaving you free to toss and turn as you like!

The pillowcase also has silk on both sides. You can flip your pillow in the night and enjoy cool silk on both sides.

Sizes And Colors

Ravmix’s pillowcase comes in three different sizes:

  • Standard size (20 x 26 inches)
  • Queen size (20 x 30 inches)
  • King size (20 x 36 inches)

Make sure you check what size your pillowcase is before you make your purchase!

You can also measure your pillowcase if you aren’t sure of its size to help you find the right fit.

You also have a fantastic range of colors to choose from!

There are fourteen colors for you to choose from, ranging from white, pink, and green to space gray and black.

No matter the bedding you currently have, or the decor in your bedroom, you are sure to find a pillowcase that matches the colors perfectly!

Silk Quality

The pillowcase is made with 100% natural mulberry silk.

There are no chemical additives or synthetic materials in this pillowcase, ensuring that you get the best quality for your money!

Mulberry silk is considered to be the finest silk you can purchase, so you know your face and hair are in good hands here!

Ravmix’s pillowcase also features a 21 momme weight.

For those that don’t know, momme weight refers to the weight in pounds of 100 yards of silk 45 inches wide.

It measures how much silk is in the fabric. 21 momme is considered an ideal weight to choose.

At this weight, you have a luxurious and durable feel, far more than you would get at 19 momme.

But the fabric is far more breathable than higher-weight pillowcases too.

This ensures that you get the best sleep, without feeling sweaty or your pillowcase not lasting long!

It also has a 600-thread count.

We use thread counts to measure the fineness of the fabric, with 600 being considered a fine amount!

Although it does not ensure the fineness of your pillowcase to a tee, it does offer an indication of how fine it will be.

All of these numbers we have mentioned are signs of a fantastic silk pillowcase!

Caring For The Pillowcase

Silk pillowcases do need a little more care than standard cotton ones.

This is to ensure their longevity and that the silk remains soft!

Trust us, it is too easy to damage them in the wash!

They all come with specific washing instructions, so let’s take a look at how you should care for your Ravmix’s silk pillowcase now.



The silk pillowcase should be hand-washed or dry-cleaned.

This should be done inside out, with water below 30 degrees.

You want to use a mild shampoo or one designed specifically for silk.

Don’t leave the pillowcase to soak for more than a few minutes, and avoid bleach at all costs.

You will also want to wash the pillowcase on its own to ensure that the color does not transfer!

If you are washing the pillowcase in a machine, use a silk or gentle cycle.

You will also want to pop your pillowcase in a protective bag.


To dry your silk pillowcase, keep it inside out.

Wrap the pillowcase in a dry towel to help remove the water.

You will then need to roll it out and straighten the pillowcase at its corners.

Leave the pillowcase flat in a shady area to air dry.

You will want to avoid wring drying, and tumble drying, and keep the pillowcase out of direct sunlight!


Silk can wrinkle easily as it is drying, so you might need to iron your pillowcase.

Do so on a cool iron while the pillowcase is inside out.

Add a cloth over the pillowcase too to further protect it.

Make sure you avoid spraying water while ironing too!

Daily Care

To care for your pillowcase daily, make sure you avoid spraying deodorant, perfume, and other chemicals on it!

Ensure that the pillowcase is kept clean and tidy when you aren’t using it too.


So how does the pillowcase perform? It performs brilliantly!

The pillowcase is incredibly soft to the touch and left our hair feeling soft when we woke up!

No more did we need to battle it or drag brushes through it.

Instead, we found minimal knots and the hair was easy to brush through.

The hidden zipper was a big winner for us and other customers.

It helps to keep the pillowcase on your pillow.

The fit is brilliant too, there isn’t excess fabric lying around your pillow, which we love.

The pillowcase is well-reviewed and loved online too, which is always a good indicator of its performance!

As far as silk pillowcases go, this is one of the best for the money you spend on them!

Any Issues?

Despite the rave reviews, have there been any issues?

Well, some customers have complained that the zipper on the pillowcase isn’t the best.

They found that the zipper is quite weak and becomes damaged easily.

This isn’t the case across the board though.

Other customers have complained about the size of the pillowcase too.

They found that the Queen pillowcase fits a standard pillow and the King size fits a Queen size.

The best thing to do here is to measure your pillowcase before making your purchase!

This will help to avoid any disappointment when the pillowcase arrives!


As we mentioned earlier, the pillowcase is extremely affordable! It is one of the cheapest silk pillowcases on the market, making it ideal for most budgets.

However, even at this low price, you don’t need to compromise on quality!

You can still enjoy a good thread count, momme rating, and 100% Mulberry silk, without breaking the bank!

What more could you want?

Be sure to check your budget carefully before making your purchase, to ensure that you can afford the pillowcase.

Final Thoughts

So is the Ravmix Mulberry silk pillowcase worth it? We think so!

Not only is it affordable, but the pillowcase is of high quality and it is incredibly durable!

Provided you check your measurements beforehand and follow the care instructions, this pillowcase could last you for years!

What are you waiting for? Why not buy it now?

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