How to Remove Lint Balls from Bed Sheets

So you have bought your new bed sheet and you are glad that you bought it and you are eager to use it, but a few months later and after a few washes in the washing machine your bed sheets start to pill and you start asking yourself: how to remove lint balls from bed sheets.

You don’t have to throw away your bed sheets every few months when they start to pill and you don’t have to settle for sleeping on an uncomfortable surface, you can rejuvenate your bed sheets by following these simple steps in this article.

But first …

What Causes Fuzz Balls On Sheets

Cotton sheets and other types of delicate fabrics that go through long-term usage and repeated washings will experience frayed fiber endings that become tangled , leading to tiny knots or piling that can pick up lint, dust, and other ripped and tangled fibers.

In general, these are the things that cause sheets to pill:

  • Exposure to harsh detergents.
  • Exposure to Bleach.
  • High heat.
  • Poor grades of cotton.
  • Abrasion caused by body hair stubble.

How to Remove Lint Balls from Bed Sheets

So we have understood the causes of the problems, let’s discuss how we can deal with it.

The process of removing lint balls from bed sheets is very simple and straightforward, you will basically need two components:

  • A disposable razor
  • A pumice stone/lint shaver/sweater shaver ( pick one )

The process is to use the razor to collect and gather lint balls around your bed sheets into one spot and by using one of the shaving methods to gently remove the pile of lint balls without harming the fabric of your bed sheet.

So the idea simply is to follow to steps: to collect, and to shave. Use the razor for the first step because it’s great for collecting lint balls and fuzz around your bed sheet and use one of the suggested items to shave and remove the pile of collected lint balls on your sheet.

Here’s a video illustriation:

How Do I Stop My Bed Sheets From Pilling

This is a question you might ask, and indeed it is a question that deserves to be answered. There are two things I will suggest to you:

  • I would suggest washing sheets with a short wash cycle and gentle liquid detergent
  • And I would suggest investing in sheets that won’t pill in the first place such as Egyptian, Pima, and Supine cotton.

If you suffer from a different problem with your bed sheets such as a gum sticking into your bed sheets check our article about how to get gum out of bed sheets.

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