How To Sleep 8 Hours Straight

sleep is a big issue for lots of people and reasons may vary a lot. Your sleep gets affected by so many variables and it is going to take some effort until you adjust your sleep routine the way you would like it to be.

But it is achievable, it’s not impossible to improve your sleep quantity and quality, but it won’t happen overnight. Just like any other skill in this world it takes practice, dedication, and patience to improve your sleep because the accumulation of bad sleep habits cannot vanish away just when we want it to.

How to sleep 8 hours straight

So lets get started and discuss how can you sleep 8 hours of great night sleep.

What Prevents You From Sleeping Well

In order to solve any problem, the first thing we need to do is to understand its causes. So in the case of you not being able to sleep 8 hours straight we need to understand why is that happening to you before we can do anything to resolve this issue.

The reasons the reasons may vary on why you are not getting the sleep that you wish form physical causes to psychiatric causes.

The physical causes can be any kind of pain that you have, might it be back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, or arthritis.

It might be some sort of medicine that you take that’s preventing you from having a good night sleep. It could be sleep apnea, restless leg syndrome, or insomnia. It could be stress, anxiety, depression, or even excitement that is keeping you awake at night.

It could even be your diet that’s causing you not to fall asleep or staying asleep, you might be eating the wrong kinds of foods at bedtime or you’re drinking far more caffeine than you should be.

It could be so many things, and your sleep is such a delicate thing that gets affected by the slightest changes in your diet and routine (in a positive and a negative way).

So the first step to sleeping 8 hours straight is to understand what is it that’s preventing you from sleeping 8 hours straight.

Your Job

Your job can be preventing you from sleeping well at night in two ways, stress, and schedule.

You may be having a job that is stressful and causing you to be thinking about it and worried about it even when you are out of the official hours, in this case you will need to find a way to handle and reduce the stress that’s caused by your job, or in the worst case you will need to find another one.

You may also be working in a toxic work environment that’s always putting you on your nerves and you’re always angry or annoyed by some of your colleagues, in this case, you will definitely need to look for another job opportunity because this toxicity can ruin your whole life, not just your sleep.

Your job also can affect your sleep due to your work schedule, if you are a shift worker the first thing you are going to sacrifice is your sleep. Shift workers are the most sufferers when it comes to sleep, even if they are the best sleepers in the world there sleep is going to get ruined because of the type of? their jobs. How to sleep 8 hours straight

The Importance Of The Schedule

Do you remember the school days? do you have any kind of memories of having sleep trouble at those days? do you know why you -probably- don’t have any? it’s because of the schedule.

When you have no other option but to sleep at certain time of the day your body will adjust and sleep at those hours, but if you have no clue when should you sleep or when should you wake up, that’s when the troubles get invited.

The job of a sleep schedule is to give you a clue of when should you sleep and when should you wake up, this way your whole body is going to adjust for sleep and wake up times and it won’t be a struggle.

When you adjust your schedule your impacting your internal body clock, that’s called the circadian rythm, to become more organised and to become more expectable to your desired sleep wake times. When your circadian rythm is adjusted, your life is going to be a lot more easier and your sleep quality is going to rise.

At the beginning it’s going to be hard to adjust your circadian rythm but by being consistent with your sleep schedule it will eventually become adjust the way that you desire and it will play by your side.

Your Sleep Environment? How To Maximize The Benefit Of Your Sleep Hours

It’s not just important when do you sleep but it’s also important where do you sleep.

Your sleep environment is just as important as your sleep schedule for having optimum sleep quality.

Your sleep environment must have two specifications:

  1. It’s dark
  2. and it’s quite.

darkness resembles night time for our bodies. Remember, before lights came out nights where also dark and we didn’t have problems falling asleep.

Sleeping in a dark environment can radically improve how you sleep and is really important for our bodies, sleep-promoting hormones such as adenosine and melatonin gets produced in dark environments close to bedtime.

And quiteness is also important for our minds to be able to draft away and not getting woken up by random noises.

Now in some cases, you won’t be able to control the noise in your environment such as when you’re living in a noisy street, you just can’t yell to the street to shut down. In those cases, you are better using a white noise machine or any source of white noise that covers the noise of your environment and it’s following a certain sequence so your mind can adapt to and cancel it over time.

Things That Can Help You Sleep 8 Hours Straight

After Understanding what might be preventing you from sleeping 8 hours straight, and knowing the most important sleep components and how they shall be organized (schedule, and environment) here are the thing s that you can do to improve and enhance your sleep quality.

A Consistent Sleep Routine

The first thing you can do to improve your sleep quality is to have a consistent sleep routine. A sleep routine is some habits that you make before bedtime, like having a warm bath, reading a book, or talking to your family, these are all kinds of actions that can help you relax and unwind before it’s bedtime.

In your sleep routine avoid interacting with any electronic devices before bedtime, because lights emitted from electronic devices and gadgets can confuse your body clock and make you feel active and awake instead of relaxed and sleepy close to bedtime.


Another thing you can do to improve your sleep quality is to have a daily or weekly exercise routine, lots of studies have been conducted to prove the impact that exercise has on sleep. Exercising can indeed help you sleep better and faster.

The suggested time for exercising is at the morning, that way you’re telling your body clock that it’s morning time and it’s time to be awake, that’s giving your internal clock a clue or a reference point so it starts regulating itself.

Herbs and/or Gadgets

If exercising is not your thing or you just want more options you can use herbs, herbs primary job is to help you relax and put you in a mood ready for sleep.

You could also use some gadgets that can help you sleep better, like a weighted blanket, white noise machine, or a blue light blocking glasses. These are all gadgets that can help improve the quality of your sleep and have been proven by many that they work and that they are effective.

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