Here’s How to Make a Vanilla Latte

Drinking coffee from Starbucks every day isn’t a great decision from a financial standpoint. They make delicious cups of coffee but it drains your wallet, so learning how to make your favorite lattes at home is the right choice to make. And it’s faster also, so you don’t have to drive to your coffee shop and wait in line to make your order. Today I’ll demonstrate how to make a vanilla latte at home, with your slippers on!

how to make a vanilla latte

What is a Vanilla Latte

It’s is a mixture of latte and vanilla syrup, it combines the warming taste of latte with the refreshing taste of vanilla to give you a great mixture and a delicious drink you wish it never ends.

The latte itself is an espresso-based drink, it is made of three ingredients: an espresso shot, steamed milk, and frothed milk.

In a latte, steamed milk takes the greater proportion in the cup with a 12 mm layer of frothed milk at the top, this layer is where latte art happens.

Is it healthy?

Yes, a vanilla latte can be healthy. If you use nonfat milk and sugar-free syrup you can enjoy drinking vanilla latte without having to worry it ruins your diet.

What’s a French vanilla latte?

There is no standard definition to it, in some stores, it’s a powder, in others it’s a coffee roast, and in some stores, it’s a syrup. So if you tried it before you probably had a different tasting drink each time.

Which is better, vanilla or French vanilla?

It’s a matter of preference, there’s no right or wrong answer in this case, but if you prefer to get the same drink each time you order the drink even if you go to different stores then you should probably stick to the vanilla latte.

How many calories does it contain?

If you stick to the healthy ingredients with nonfat milk and sugar-free syrup it could have 100 calories.

Is it Hot or cold?

There are two versions of the drink, the regular version which is served hot and is made of a hot espresso shot and steamed milk, and there’s an iced vanilla latte which is made of a chilled espresso shot and chilled milk poured over ice.

What is in a Vanilla Latte

The ingredients are simple: an espresso shot, steamed milk, frothed milk, and vanilla syrup. That’s all you are going to need for a hot served vanilla latte

What’s the difference between vanilla coffee and vanilla latte?

The difference is in the brewing method, if it contains an espresso shot then it’s a latte, if coffee is brewed in another method, then it’s regular coffee and not a latte.

How much sugar is in the drink?

The regular grande from Starbucks contains 35 grams of sugar, which is a lot. You can use a custom amount of sugar that fits your tastes and your diet goals so you can enjoy your favorite drink without ruining your diet plan.

How much milk is in a Starbucks version of the drink?

It contains 1 cup of milk.

How much fat is in the drink?

The Grande size contains 11g of fat.

How many calories are contained in the drink?

The 16 fl oz cup of contains 290 calories.

What kind of milk is used?

Skinny vanilla latte contains skim milk and sugar-free vanilla syrup, so it’s considered a healthy choice for latte lovers.

How to Make Vanilla Latte

The process is simple, first, you will need to prepare:

  • 2 ounces of espresso
  • 1 cup of milk
  • 1-2 tablespoons vanilla syrup

Start with steaming the milk combined with the vanilla syrup on a stovetop if you don’t have an espresso machine, then you could put the milk in a jar and close it tightly and give it a good shake to froth it. Next, you will pour the steamed milk over the espresso until it fills most of the cup. Then add the layer of foam at the top of your cup. This is how do you make this drink without a machine

How many pumps should you use?

In a grande latte, Starbucks typically puts 4 pumps in the drink.

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