What Causes Anxiety Attacks For No Reason

Suddenly you feel your heartbeat is raising up to the roof, you start sweating, you are terrified, frozen, paralyzed, you can’t move, and you are definitely?terrified to speak up.

You start telling your self: “is this a heart attack?” “am I dying?” “SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP!!”, then you hold your self together and make it to the nearest clinic so the doctor makes a general check on your health and tell you that you are physically fine and you have probably had a panic attack.

This is the experience of the average person that has suffered from their panic attacks, an overwhelming sense of fear that paralyzes your whole body and mind and prevents you from thinking clearly, the best thing you could do is seeking help.

So why does panic attacks happen and how do they differ from general anxiety, that’s what we’re going to discuss in this article.

What Is General Anxiety

I can summarize general anxiety for you in two words: constant worry!

Personally, I don’t consider constant worry as a mental health condition even though some doctors may prefer to describe it like that because I personally don’t care about the hormones and brain side of things as much. What I do really care about is psychology, how do you feel, and how can you deal with those feelings mentally and emotionally, there’s no drug uses or so much medic talk in my articles, it’s just going to be on the psychological side of things.

So anxiety, in my definition, is simply constant worry. Something is irritating you, something is taking up mental space in your mind in a negative way, making you afraid of the bad consequences or that things might go wrong.

A popular example of anxiety is test anxiety, you are afraid that if you don’t do well on your exams, you are afraid of getting bad degrees and sleeping on the streets as result because you will not be able to get a job with such a low GPA and your parents will kick you out of their home!

That’s a glimpse of what can go inside your mind when you are anxious about something, that things will go wildly wrong in every possible way …

Then once you realize that you are stuck in these thoughts you realize you are experiencing a bad feeling and you want it to go away so you start looking for a solution, but you usually struggle or put too much effort because you are probably trying to cut the leaves instead of first killing the roots of the problem.

That’s what general anxiety might look like.

What Is A Panic Attack

If we made a scale of anxiety from 1-10 with 1 having low anxiety and 10 as extremely high anxiety, a panic attack would be 25.

A panic attack is a feeling of being extremely terrified and paralyzed by the thoughts that are going through your mind. Because of the extreme terror that you would be in in the case of panic attack considering the source of this panic attack would be considered a luxury.

A panic attack is a rush of terror, there’s no catastrophe is happening or something that legitimizes this terror, but you are panicked, panicked by your normal day to day stresses.

My explanation for this is that you have got overwhelmed with stress and anxiety, it’s like your stress tank is filled and there’s no place for any more inch of stress, so a break down happens, you can’t bear any more stress, so you meet your failure point where you can’t bear any other second of stress.

When this meltdown happen do things get better? probably not by themselves.

Rather, you may add to your bucket of fears the fear that this horrible feeling would come back again, so you get more anxious and worried …

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