What Is Depression

What is depression

there are two sides of the story here: the medical & scientific side and the intuition side. In this article, and in every article on this website, we tend to lean onto the intuition side of the psychological problems, that’s because it’s easier to deal with feelings as a feeling than to deal with feelings as chemicals in the brain, or that’s at least what I think.

So, let’s start the story …

What is depression

Depression is surrendering.

Surrendering to the ugliness, surrendering about your dreams, surrendering to the current state that you hate.

Depression is about being forced to live even when you’re defeated and broken from inside.

It’s like being dragged in a marathon where you don’t want to participate in the first place.

That’s what depression is about, and the talk here is pure intuition, that’s what I do prefer to handle in the psychological side of things.

What Is Depression Caused By

Why is it so easy to get defeated in this world and so hard to land a victory.

depression is caused by selfishness, selfishness leads to isolation from others, and when we become isolated it’s easier to be defeated, at the end of the day beating one will always be easier than beating many.

At the surface level you may have many friends and connections, but who’s going to stand beside you when the wind strikes your boat.

Do we hang out with friends only for fun and partying? if that’s true then this is not friendship, friendship isn’t so fragile.

Chilling and having fun with someone doesn’t make them a friend, a true friend would help you carry through your journey.

Let’s get back to the point, what is depression caused by:

it’s caused by the loss of the dream, the loss of hope, it’s about believing that the light at the end of the tunnel is an illusion.


How To Cure Depression Without Medication

Let me tell you a secret: I don’t believe that medication can cure depression.

Why? you may ask.

Because depression is not caused by some sort of bacteria that pills can kill, or it’s not some sort of brain dysfunction that’s causing you to be depressed.

Depression is a matter of perception and interpretation, depression is about losing your motivation to continue living and curing it means giving you a reason to continue living, that’s something no medication can do.

Your dreams might have been high through the sky and you have discovered that you’ve lost them and you will never be able to achieve them, that’s truly depressing, but my advice would be if you can’t climb to the highest mountain, go find some mountain that you can climb. Do not surrender to the ugly side of life no matter what.

Life has two sides: one so ugly, and one so wonderful. The healthiest thing you could do is to keep the balance between the two, fight the ugliness with the beauty and never surrender to the ugliness.


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