Why Do We Sleep With Pillows?

Have you been wondering why we sleep with pillows?

Maybe you want to know what the benefits of sleeping with pillows are?

Why Do We Sleep With Pillows?

Or are you considering ditching your pillows and want to know more?

Whatever the reason is that brought you here, we have the answer for you!

Pillows are a staple on beds across the country, with all of us resting our heads on a pillow or two before going to sleep.

But where did pillows come from? And why do we sleep with pillows?

You head online to find out the answers to these questions but are met with conflicting answers that leave you unsure where to turn or who to trust.

Frustrated, you start to wonder if you will ever know why we sleep with pillows.

Well, no more! Today, we are here with all the answers you need!

Keep reading to find out why we sleep on pillows, the benefits of sleeping with pillows, and everything else you need to know about them.

Why Do We Sleep With Pillows?

Let’s dive straight into it! We sleep with pillows as it is part of our cultural habit.

The pillows we use provide us with extra comfort and support for our bodies.

The purpose of the pillow is to minimize stress on your neck and back.

Stress can be caused by keeping your body in one position for too long.

As we sleep for roughly eight hours a night, our neck and back will be in one position for a long period, and this can cause discomfort and stress to our bodies.

But with a pillow, your head is supported at a comfortable level.

It takes some of the pressure off your back and neck, and can even help straighten your spine!

The pillow will keep your spine in a neutral position, aligning your neck with the rest of your body to promote good posture.

Plus, sleeping with a pillow feels good!

Of course, if you have never slept with a pillow before, it can feel weird, but most of us in the Western world will see sleeping with a pillow as the norm.

Although, we bet you all have a preference as to which type of pillow you sleep on!

What Are The Benefits Of Sleeping With Pillows?

There are a few benefits to sleeping with pillows.

Let’s take a quick look at these now to help you learn more about the pillows sitting on your bed!

  1. Pillows help to prevent acid reflux while you sleep, stopping stomach acid from flowing back up through your food pipe and into your lower chest.
  2. Pillows can prevent Glaucoma which causes damage to your eye’s optic nerve. The nerve suffers the most pressure when you are lying down, as pillows raise your head slightly, they can help to alleviate some of this pressure.
  3. Sleeping with a pillow can also help keep your spine neutral. When you sleep on your side, your cervical spine pinches the ridges of your spine, causing pain and bone spurs. Your pillow can help to reduce this.

A Brief History Of Pillows

A Brief History Of Pillows

Before you leave us today, let’s take a look at the history of pillows.

Pillows have been used since the Mesopotamia civilization, where pillows were a status symbol.

The more pillows you owned, the more affluence you had!

Pillows were used to help with shoulder, neck, and back pain, for comfort, and to keep insects and bugs from their heads!

Since then, pillows have been used in most countries and cultures to provide us with extra comfort as we sleep!

Do Some People Sleep Without Pillows?

Yes, some people don’t use pillows! We commonly see this in the following cultures:

  • The Efe (Zaire)
  • The Hiwi (Venezuela)
  • The Kung (northwest Botswana)

Pillows are not used here as these cultures sleep in hammocks, on the ground, leaves, or skin.

Instead, they use the hammock, skin, or leaves as their pillow.

It might sound uncomfortable for us, but these cultures have slept peacefully this way for generations!

Are There Benefits To Sleeping Without Pillows?

There are some benefits to sleeping without pillows according to the experts!

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of sleeping without a pillow now.

  1. Sleeping without a pillow can reverse acne. Acne can be caused by bacteria on your pillowcase that will seep into your skin and block your pores.
  2. Sleeping without a pillow can help you find a neutral position that will relieve any neck and back pain you have. Some of this pain can be caused by sleeping on thick pillows that contribute to spine misalignment.
  3. Pillows can add pressure to your skin which can contribute to the faster appearance of wrinkles. Sleeping without pillows can prevent these wrinkles from appearing quickly.

Is It Easy To Sleep Without Pillows?

If the benefits have swayed you, you might be wondering how easy it is to sleep without pillows.

Well, if you are used to sleeping with pillows, the transition can be tricky.

But we have some tips below that can help you!

  • Don’t shift to sleeping without a pillow straight away. Ease into it to avoid a huge change that can make it harder for your body to get comfortable and fall asleep.
  • Use a folded towel, gradually decreasing its height until you are used to sleeping without anything under your head.
  • Keep your neck aligned as you lower the height of your pillow or towel. Doing so can help to reduce any neck problems or pain that you could wake up with.

Final Thoughts

And there you have it!

We sleep with pillows to provide us with more comfort and protection for the neck, as we have done for centuries.

Pillows help to keep our spine aligned and can reduce neck and back pain.

However, some cultures sleep without pillows, and more and more studies are in favor of sleeping without pillows.

If you try sleeping without pillows, be sure to use our tips to help make the transition and remember to put your comfort and how your neck and back feel first!

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