YANIBEST Mulberry Silk Pillowcase Review

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In today’s article we are going to be looking at Yanibest 19 Momme Mulberry Silk Pillowcase. This pillowcase has a lot of positive review and many customers are enjoying it so we decided to have a look and piece together the feedback and reviews to give you our verdict.

Silk pillowcases in general are great option for your skin and hair, they offer great benefits for your hair and skin that many beauty products may not be able to provide, so investing in a silk pillowcase is a wise decision.

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Silk Quality

The quality of the silk is judged mainly by the silk momme weight. The momme weight is the weight in pounds of 100 yards of silk 45 five inches wide, It basically measures the amount of silk in the pillowcase. The higher the momme weight the more silk you have in your silk pillowcase.

Higher momme weight has it’s advantages and disadvantages, a higher momme weight means more silk in your pillowcase which offers greater luxury, it also means that the pillowcase is more durable and can last longer with you, but higher momme weight also means the silk is warmer compared to a lower momme weight pillowcase.

Yanibest offers 19 momme weighted pillowcase which is in the lower average range for silk pillowcases, you can find other products at 22 momme and 25 and even 30 momme. 19 momme weight means it’s lighter silk pillowcase that offers more breathable material and a reasonable durability to last with you.

Design of Yanibest Mulberry Silk Pillowcase

The Yanibest Mulberry silk pillowcase has a hidden zipper design that works on holding the pillow inside the pillowcase. Silk is so soft and slipping material and during the night when you are sleeping the silk pillowcase can slip off your pillow leaving you sleeping on a bare pillow. This technically means it’s like you have not purchased a pillowcase, if you can’t hold the pillowcase in place then you don’t have a pillowcase.

So the hidden zipper design works on solving this issue to hold the pillowcase in place and stop the slipping problem and letting you enjoy sleeping on your pillowcase.

Also the pillowcase has silk on both sides so you can enjoy sleeping on both sides of the pillow.


Yanibest offers 3 sizes for it’s pillowcase for different pillow sizes:

  • Standard
  • Queen
  • King

and it also offers 7 color variants which you can check them all from here.

Care Instructions

We have written a detailed guide on cleaning your silk pillowcase you can check out from here In this article we will mention briefly the most important notes.

For machine washing here is a summary for the instructions to follow :

  • Use Delicate Cycle and mild detergent (such as Ivory Snow)
  • Do not use detergents that contain enzymes and brighteners
  • Use the shortest spin cycle In a top-loading machine, we strongly recommend using a mesh bag for extra protection (this step would not be necessary in a front-loading machine)
  • Always separate your colors

For hand washing follow these instructions :

  1. Silk shouldn’t be soaked too long so washing process shouldn’t take longer than a few minutes.
  2. Use a bowl or a clean sink and put liquid detergent designed for silk.
  3. Remember to use cold water.
  4. While washing only move from one side to the other, do not twist, ring, or pool as it might break the fibers.
  5. Rinse your silk pillowcase and remember to always? use cold water.
  6. For second rinse add a tablespoon of desolated white vinegar, it will help dissolve the outline traces.
  7. And then do a final rinse.

Customer Opinions

Ynaibest mulberry silk pillowcase in has total 179 product reviews on Amazon with 71% percent 5 stars and 4.4/5 average star rating. That is 127 person loving this product and satisfied with it and willing to repeat the purchase.

Customers have reported that Yanibest mulberry silk pillowcase have heled them with their skin issues when a cotton pillowcase wasn’t helping, or worse was contributing to the problem, face creases and wrinkles disappeared after sleeping on the silk pillowcase and there was no more bed heads and hair frizzing waking up in the morning.

Users also loved the colors of the pillowcase and the zipper design which was neat and did it’s job pretty well.

Cons of The Pillowcase

Nothing in this world is perfect, neither is Yanibest silk pillowcase, every product has it’s flaws so here we are mentioning them.

The most important critique pointed to the pillowcase that the softness of the silk is lower than the rest of the pillowcases, some even said it may be synthetic not natural silk. I am doubtful about this since other customers have reported that the quality of the pillowcase is high and it offers great feel and softness.

Another critique to the pillowcase is that they have issues with the sizing, meaning that a queen sized pillowcase does not fit a queen sized pillow, so make sure that you double check the measurements of both your pillow and the pillowcase before you make the purchase.

And a common issue with silk pillowcases is that they get ruined after they are washed and this probably happens due to wrong washing process, so the best option for you to insure that your pillowcase doesn’t get ruined after the first wash is to dry clean it. And if you are going to wash the pillowcase at home make sure you are following the washing instructions correctly.


Yanibest mulberry silk pillowcase is one of the best silk pillowcases you can find online it has a momme weight of 19 momme and has a hidden zipper design and a great collection of color variants.

Make sure when you are washing the pillowcase to correctly follow the instructions because silk pillowcases is delicate and can easily get ruined, the best thing to do is to let the dry cleaner handle it. Also make sure that the sizes of the pillowcase and the pillow correctly fit so you don’t get a larger or smaller pillowcase.

If you loved the Yanibest mulberry silk pillowcase you can purchase it from here. We have also reviewed other silk pillowcases you can check:

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