ZonLi Weighted Blanket Review

Weighted blankets are being endorsed by many people because of how they’ve helped them sleep well and better at night after long nights of turning and tossing, weighted blankets have given them the sleep quality they have been looking for.

ZonLi is another great weighted blanket brand that customers are loving the experiences they’re having with the product. The ZonLi weighted blanket has been getting a lot of great feedback lately so we decided to review it so you can take the best purchasing decision.

You can check the ZonLi weighted blanket from here.

Weight Of The Blanket

The ZonLi weighted blanket has a great collection of weights that you can choose from different sizes and different colors, the weights that the ZonLi brand offers are:

  • 5 lbs
  • 7 lbs
  • 10 lbs
  • 12 lbs
  • 15 lbs
  • 17 lbs
  • 20 lbs
  • 22 lbs
  • 25 lbs

The general recommendation for weights is that you choose a blanket that is 7%-13% of your body weight, of course you can go with any weight you want or prefer but that is the general guideline.

Also, make sure that the user of the weighted blanket is older than 5 years and can lift the weight of the blanket by himself because the blanket is “weighted” and can be really heavy so make sure that the user is able to handle the weight by himself so nothing goes wrong.

The weight of the blanket is distributed very well, it is distributed in a smaller more concentrated area so the resolution of the distribution is better and it feels evenly and well distributed.

Filling Of The Blanket

The filling of the blanket is both glass beads and poly-pellets, the two most common fillings for weighted blankets.

Glass beads are the best quality fillings for weighted blankets, they are like the texture of sand, extremely tiny and they make the blanket feel very smooth. Due to the tiny size of the beads, the size of the blanket itself becomes less compared to a blanket filled with different material.

The other type of filling used in the blanket is Poly-pellets filling. Poly-pellets are small and round tiny pieces that have a texture similar to pebbles which can be irritating for some.

The mixture between the two fillings aims to provide the highest quality with the best price, so the customers are happy with their purchase and the experience of the blanket.

Fabric Of The Blanket

The blanket is made of high-quality cotton, which means that the blanket is highly breathable and transmits moisture away from the body.

Cotton also provides insulation from the temperature so it’s cool in the summer and warm in the winter. This is to a certain degree of course, nothing absolute.

And keep in mind that cotton has a high tensile strength, making it strong, durable and less likely to rip or tear, so generally the blanket should stay with you for a long period so the investment is worth it to you.

There’s also the bamboo option which provides better quality and characteristics than the cotton blanket, but generally cotton provides the standard characteristics that you are going to need.

What Customers Loved About The Blanket

The majority of customers have loved the blanket, from people suffering insomnia, anxiety, stress, and it even helped people with brain injury and sleep apnea.

The blanket works for those who are having trouble with their sleep, no matter what the exact situation is. Even if you have no serious sleep issues the blanket can help you get sound and restful sleep with its very soothing and calming effect.

Feeling like being hugged is irresistible for everyone, we all need hugs and love to be hugged and it’s proved by science that the deep pressure therapy behind the weighted blanket does help us sleep better.

You can even use the blanket even if you are not sleeping and you are just sitting in your house, the calming sensation that you get after a stressful workday is priceless and it is indeed worth every scent.

The fabric of the blanket is very soft and comfortable, so you will enjoy the touch and feel of the blanket and have the best experience with it.

And it’s easy to wash and handle since all you have to do is to throw the blanket inside the washing machine and put it on the gentle cycle, washing some blankets can be a heavy duty that some don’t enjoy.

Common Complaints About The Blanket

Though the majority of the customers have enjoyed their experience with the ZonLi weighted blanket, it’s important to listen to those who didn’t. At the end of the day, when you want to make the best purchasing decision for you and in order to do that you will need to know what can go wrong and what to expect.

There will always be errors happening and we can’t prevent things from going wrong.

the most common complaint I’ve heard about the blanket that it has low durability. Most of the unhappy customers have stated that the blanket tore down after it has been shortly used, yet on the other side lots of the customers are actually endorsing the quality of the blanket and stated that it lasted with them for years.

Also make sure you pick the right weight for you, since some customers have complained about the weight of the blanket and that it’s actually too heavy for them.


The ZonLie weighted blanket is a great blanket to go with, it’s an economic choice compared to other weighted blankets but it still offers great quality for the price.

The filling of the blanket is both glass beads and poly-pellets, the fabric is cotton but you can go with the bamboo version of you want.

It’s generally recommended that for the weighted blanket to work only one individual must use it, that way the weight is optimally distributed.

If you like the product and have decided to purchase it you can do that from here.

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